Heavenly Dime Wing Key Chain

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Capture your dime from heaven.

Card Reads:

Heavenly Dimes


There is an old story from somewhere above,

higher than the clouds, as peaceful as a dove. 


The beauty of the story is about dimes found

and of our guiding Angels

who place them all around.


When you wear your dime, you will feel that it's true

it's from an Angel who is watching over you.


So, grasp your dime tightly never to impart,

you will feel their loving message deep in your heart. 


When Dimes from Heaven fall down for you,

understand their message of peace;

you are loved and they are so grateful for you. 


Wing charm made of pewter

24" simple ball chain.


*At this time, we do not offer custom years on the dime products.

Heavenly Dime Wing Key Chain
Heavenly Dime Wing Key Chain