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I saw the Him/Her Relationship Apothecary Jars in a little shop in Mt. Juliet and thought they would be a great gift that we could include in our all inclusive packages and give to our couples on their wedding day.
I am looking forward to looking at your catalog!
Thank you,
Namaste Donn,
I hope this festive season is treating you & your loved ones well.
First of all, let me tell you how grateful I am for all the wonderful gifts my daughter & I were able to pass out this year.  The level of joy & heartfelt moments were beyond description.  But I must share one, it was the reaction of a 5th Grade Teacher, who lost her Dad a few months ago.  She opened the box, saw the penny & went hysterical crying & then said, “thank you so very much, I can’t believe this, it is the best gift I have ever been given”!   She explained that she had been very depressed that morning & praying for her Dad to give her a sign that he was still with her...she then said, “My Dad told me, when he was dying, that he would always send me pennies from heaven, but that meant nothing to me....until NOW!”
Yikes!  That was the perfect gift indeed.
~J.  K.
I rec'd the mugs last night & I just wanted to tell you, they are simply wonderful.  They really are the perfect gifts!  I couldn't resist gifting one to myself & I swear my usual cup of joe tasted even better this morning!!  I believe it was the positive energy from the mug itself.
Blessings of Autumn & Many Thanks,


For my...“Healing Journey”, I created a “Penny Therapy”, collection. One of my favorite heroes is Abraham Lincoln. Him and I have many similarities of life circumstances and qualities. Wherever I find a penny...I tape it in my calendar yearbook on the date I found it. Beside it... I write down if it was on heads or tails, where I found it and the year it was issued. I write the significant event that happened in my life that particular year of the penny.

I’ve been looking for a penny necklace for some time, but haven’t found the perfect one for me, until today Thursday October 31, 2019. The best part of finding the penny necklace...I wasn’t looking for one. I was overwhelmingly joyful inside my heart and it was the only one I saw. It’s beautiful and love wearing it.

Thank you for the unexpected blessing.


Our Goddaughter recently passed away and her name is Penelope. Her nickname was Penny so this means so much to us.
Thank You,
Got this as a gift for my mothers 84th birthday.  My father passed away in 2016 and everytime she finds a penny on the floor she says, "There's daddys penny."
Thank You,
Bob Rice
This is email correspondence from a woman who recently received one of our jars from an anonymous source.  We wanted to share the sweetness...
On Mon, Sep 16, 2019 at 10:42 PM Mary 
I received a lovely gift today but I do not know who sent it to me because there was no gift card or message enclosed. 
I would like to thank them, can you please tell me who ordered it for me?
Invoice   #1026 
Ordered on 9/10/2019
It was a Pennies from Heaven Apotheecary Clear Jar
Thank you, 
Mary (last name left off for privacy)
On Tue, Sep 17, 2019 at 7:11 AM Studio Penny Lane <> wrote:
Dear Mary,
I am happy you got your gift.

I was told specifically not to divulge who sent it to you. No receipt or packing list.
I was told it was "A Penny From Heaven" for you.
The giver had received a similar gift and thought you could use one.
Maybe the best way to repay is to do a similar act for someone you may know who needs a similar dose of inspiration.
I hope you enjoy your gift and count yourself blessed you have such an angel looking over you.
SPL Ops Guy

"My eye was caught by 3 of your necklaces while I was at a T.J. Maxx one day. My mother passed away a few years ago. Her name was Penny Lane before she married. I have 2 sisters so I bought all three of them, one for each of us. Unfortunately, my younger sister has been stuck in a depression since mom died. She was the one that found her that awful morning.The necklace I gave her had a feather and a penny and she hasn't taken it off since. Recently, out of all three of us, hers was the necklace to break and the penny cannot be found. Her heart broke because it was her favorite. It seemed to remind her that our mother is in heaven watching down on her. What a comfort to someone who can't escape the image of her mothers lifeless body. I've looked all over at our local stores and could not find a replacement. I'm so glad I saved the package and was able to find your website. I will be making another purchase in hopes of putting a smile back on my sisters face again. Your product is a blessing to us and I just wanted to say thank you!"

-Tracy Eubanks


"I recently received the penny necklace from my niece and love it - three deaths in my family in less than a year.  Am sending the necklace to a friend whose husband passed away unexpectedly.  She can think the penny is from him. "

-D Feeney

"We own many studio Penny Lane items and love each one. Not only for the significance and meaning behind them, they’re a reminder of my father who is my angel and penny from heaven. And my now 2 year old neice's name is Penelope Lane. We call her Penny. :) I was so happy to have my necklace noticed when recently traveling and the shop owner knew exactly what it was."
- Jessica F.

"Do you still carry the his/hers gratitude apothecary jars? I am trying to order 2 sets. I give them as engagement gifts to all of my children’s friends."
- Trina M.

"On Valentine's day, our daughter Emily died of a sudden heart attack. She left a good husband, and a 12 year old son. Tragically, just a week before, his other grandmother died, and a week later, his other grandfather died. So here we are, what's left to pick up where Emily left off. The pennies my cousin Kathy sent from you are 1979, the year Emily was conceived, and 2006, the year she was given her baby boy. So we know who these were meant for, from our angel. Thanks for your reminder."
- Nancy O.

 "The day I received the 2 BOTTLES instead of 1, my best friend was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer. I will pass on the extra bottle to Linda, who is a wonderful person who will be very grateful! THANK YOU!"
- Judy T

"Many people know me by the jingling sound that precedes me from the jewelry I wear. It’s a long standing joke among my girl friends from college. People close to me know that everything I wear has a meaning."

"I wear this SINGLE ANGEL WING as a symbol that we are all one winged angels. But if you put our wings together then we fly. I was introduced to this line by a good friend, Karen who taught me what it meant. She helped teach me that it was okay to receive. And while I don’t believe we are ‘angels’ I do very much believe in the symbolism of human kindness and community. Through Karen, I have recently met the founder and creator of this angel wing necklace (*Laurie with Studio Penny Lane). The heart and spirit of her and her art have become a huge puzzle piece of my story that someday I will share more about."
- Maddy

(Notice here wing necklace and wrap leather bracelet!)
Read about Maddy and her incredible journey! Such and inspiration!
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