New! A Penny From Heaven Poem Amber Apothecary Jar

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There's a story from above

that says pennies are signs of love,

from angels who want us to know

how much they care for us below.

They send pennies down to earth

for us to find and know our worth.

This penny from heaven is meant just for you.

To know you are loved and watched over, too.

So, when you find your pennies, know this is true:

It's from an angel who is grateful for you!

Back reads;

Seven ways to cherish your Pennies From Heaven
No. 1 Place your Penny From Heaven bottle in a
highly visible location.
No. 2 Every morning write down something you
are Grateful for and place it in your bottle.
No. 3 Every time you see a penny throughout your
day, take a moment and acknowledge those Angels
in your world- both known and those unknown.
No. 4 Every time you find a penny, pick it up
and acknowledge the Angel who tossed it to you.
No. 5 Place your Penny From Heaven in your jar.
There among all your thoughts of Gratitude, your
Special Pennies will be honored for years to come.
No. 6 If you ever feel sad or blue, just take a
look at all those Pennies the Angels sent to you.
No.7 Be Grateful for the Angels in your life.

There are many ways to incorporate these jars into your daily practice of Gratitude. We offer some simple suggestions and help get you started—you can take it from there and add your own variation. The key is to acknowledge something each day. It all starts here. Add a special daily dose of Gratitude in your home or make it a great gift for friends and loved ones.

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