Why is it so important to Detox?

"He who has Health has Hope, and he who has hope has everything."

-Arabic Proverb 


The definition of detoxing is to release and purify physically and emotionally-- to rejuvenate and BE your best, most high functioning, self. 


We may need this after a long weekend of indulgent eating, or an emotionally taxing experience.   


Inside of us is stored residue and emotional debris that needs releasing now and again. This is crucial for your health and well-being.  As we work to cleanse from the inside out, releasing toxic thoughts with mindfulness, and nourishing ourselves with whole foods and fresh thoughts, our lens that we view life through is a little clearer.  


When we put in motion Mindful Practices such as detoxing, we operate from a clearer perspective.  Mindfulness doesn’t change life happenings it simply provides the tools to accept what is without judgement and let go, so we can enjoy the journey just a little bit more.   


What methods to you use to Detox?  We’d love your insight.    

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