Where are you, really?

“Stopping the endless pursuit of getting somewhere else is perhaps the most beautiful offering we can make to our spirit.” -- Tara Brach        

How are you and where are you?

Where are you, really? or Where are you, in your mind? 

Picture this:

As the day begins, you are running over your "to-do" list during your morning routine, suddenly you realize the smell of something burning. It’s your breakfast, forgotten while you were focused on your mind’s dialogue. 

You take a deep breath, feeling the inhale fully and exhaling completely...and you choose to begin again.

Ask yourself:

When you take a shower, are you in the meeting you had earlier that day, or are you feeling the water as it touches your skin?

While walking your dog, are you noticing the sounds around you, or listening to the conversation going on in your mind?

We have all been here somehow, someway. 


The magic lies in knowing you have a choice. YOU have the power to choose where you are at any given moment.  You only need to take a deep breath and begin again.


Give yourself the gift of presence. 

Have a beautiful Mindful Monday!

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