What has HOME meant to you these past 365 days?

"Gratitude makes this house a home."


In the last 365 days, many of us have spent more time at home than EVER.  


For more introverted personalities, time spent at home was a day-dream.

For the extroverted, it presents plenty of challenges.

Some are in distress being at home with an at-risk family member, and some patiently await the moment they can crash on their couch after hours of essential work shifts. Each one of us wears multiple hats for the various roles we play in our lives.


No matter who we are, we can all agree that a home is a place/idea we crave at the end of any day. 


Sometimes home isn't made of walls and beams, but it resides in the sound of a loved one's voice, your sweet pet, a song, a drive, even a smell.  It resides in your HEART


Ask yourself what home is for you, witness it in your world and nourish yourself with gratitude for it. 


It has been a rough year for many…

Acknowledge yourself everyday for pulling through and creating HOME.


We’d love to hear from you…

How have you coped these last 365 days… What does HOME mean to you?

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