The Secret...Dare to Dream


"Sometimes the best thing to do is...wait until everything becomes more clear."


We live in a "do" culture.

This feeling of needing "to-do" something is often crippling for our inner intelligence. The weight of our to-do lists, desires, and dreams are heavy. Or, sometimes we feel like there is something "to-do" but we just don't quite know what it is!


Our life is like muddy water (without a mindfulness practice).


Just as murky water is hard to see through, we must give (it/things) time to settle for it to become clear.


We so easily feel frantic to find what we are looking for, and the truth is it is almost always right there just waiting for us to step back and let our mindful mind/heart lead us.


Mindful moments bring us back to our inner compasses that always know the direction of our dreams, do's, and desires.


The art of allowing, next time you are wondering what "to-do", will take you exactly where you need to be.

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