Showing Up

"Be sure you are as re-charged as your phone"


Showing up for yourself, family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, strangers, clerks and your pet is a conscious effort.

Each way you show up looks a little different because you are a different be-ing with each role you play. 

How do you show up for others? 

For a friend or family member, you might show up emotionally or physically. Your neighbor's experience and needs are different than your dog's...and so on.


 Showing up for yourself might mean an evening in, on the couch, with ice cream...or going for a walk in nature to move the pent up energy in your body. 


With the different roles we play in our life's relationships, we are asked to show up and be our best selves. Each best version of ourselves is different with a new day, and we never wake the same person we went to bed.

Showing up for ourselves first is like putting on the oxygen mask on an airplane. You can only be there for others if choose to be there first for yourself. 


Today, we encourage you to do a random act of kindness for YOU first, then two deeds for others after. 

Take note of how you feel...

rinse & repeat.


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