Being yourself. Easier said than done.


“Busting out of your comfort zone might be the most fun thing you ever did- after you get over the idea that you have to be safe, appropriate, perfect, right- or
that you have to be anything.”
Susan Campbell- “Getting Real”
The Art of Being YOU
We laugh at comedians who talk about things we’ve witnessed but wouldn't say aloud. 
We feel connected to inspirational speakers who share their failures because we feel less alone in our own struggles.
Transparency- being honest about what is, can connect and liberate us, energize and empower us, but we tend to forget that when we are faced with the opportunity/ risk of revealing ourselves.
Being honest about how we really feel, what we are really thinking, what wereally want in the face of possible rejection, judgement, or loss, can make the best of us hide, pretend, lie or withhold in order to stay safe.
We hide our bodies, our preferences, our perceptions, opinions, silliness, “flaws”, anger, shame, grandeur, disappointment, etc. all for the hope of creating acceptance, success and love but is that way of playing really delivering?
What is the price you pay for hiding yourself?
It takes a lot of energy to keep up appearances and protect ourselves. Many of us have gotten so used to lugging around protective armor in the form of "doing life "right" that we don’t even realize we are doing it. We wonder why we feel tired, bored, or uninspired without realizing that "fitting in" and staying "comfortable" may be the secret saboteur of our livelihood and creativity. 
Transparency, even though it can be scary, frees us, lightens our load and connects us to ourselves. Most of the "good stuff" we so desperately long for is only available through our willingness to get a little uncomfortable.
What if being transparent was the only way to create that one-of-a-kind masterpiece, amazing relationship, fulfilling career, or imagined lifestyle that you’ve always wanted but didn’t know how to achieve?
What if the key to unlocking your vault of goodness all hinged on your ability to be vulnerable and truly seen in this moment? 
It takes presence and courage to really be YOU but the payoffs can be extraordinary.

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