One Belief That Could Change EVERYTHING!

“Know that there’s enough room for everyone to be passionate, creative and successful. In fact, there is more than room for everyone; there is a need for everyone.”     ~Marianne Williamson     


You Are Needed…


If life were a grand kitchen table…

we would see that there is room for everyone. 

(A table is a metaphor for all the ways we gather together.)


Each one of us has a unique purpose...

Everyone brings something different and necessary to the table. 


No person is the same. 

What one may not have, someone else holds. 

We fit together like pieces of one big puzzle and

YOU, your ideas, your thoughts, your purpose

are needed for that puzzle to be complete. 


It is TOGETHER that we unite and conduct a world, a life

that is for the greatest good for everyone. 


There is room for everyone. 

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