National Penny Day



I mean, who knew,  right?

Yes, there is a day set aside to honor our smallest yet fiercest of coins!



Abundant. Meaningful. Simple.

The things we create and the way we feel, all arise from a simple thought. The thought is the beginning.

With awareness we have the choice over where to focus our thoughts and attention, but gaining that awareness is not always easy. It takes reminders and practice.

For years I searched for a such a reminder, a symbol that was not only iconic, but that possessed a feeling of encouragement.

We say, “Every time you see a penny think of something you’re grateful for”. A simple penny becomes a sign to choose our thoughts consciously.

For some finding a penny is "lucky." For others it's an affirmation of abundance. Many of us have stumbled on that "penny from heaven" that provided comfort and direction just when we needed it most.

Regardless of what resonates, pennies have stories and our company was birthed from one.

The simple fact is when we focus on things that energize us, empower us, or create harmony in our hearts, our world changes.

When we spot a Penny on the ground, in that moment lives both Gratitude and Mindfulness. We see the penny, it has our attention, and we are Grateful that the Penny has come to us.

We smile.

When we feel good it affects our actions and behaviors and that generates a ripple effect of goodness out into the world.

Our Mission:

Change your thoughts, change the world, one penny at a time.

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