Mindful Monday- What's in YOUR Driver's Seat?


Are you listening to your HEART or your MIND? 
Try paying attention to your first thought of the day, before you open your eyes. 
What you hear will let you know what guidance you’re following.  
The MIND'S Guidance:  
The mind’s guidance tends to utter words like shouldsupposed to and have toas well as reminding you of consequences that warn “if you don’t then…” or lengthy dissertations about “why you must” do something. You may feel exhausted even before you’ve gotten out of bed. 
The HEART'S Guidance:
The heart’s guidance is much softer and more succinct. Its directives are phrased in a positive way. The heart won't say, “Don't do that" It will instead say, “Do this.” And you’ll notice, when you imagine following its guidance, you feel more at ease. 
Mental chatter can easily drown out the voice of your heart. This is where Mindfulness practice becomes essential, it is our best tool to quiet the mind, and create the space so we can hear the heart. The heart's guidance has a way of creating results that are in alignment with our truest self in all areas of life; finances, health, and relationships.
This is the perfect moment to give it a try.
1. The moment you wake up in the morning, say something simple to yourself, like; "I am going to choose from my heart today." (you know what works for you).
2. Take 10 long, slow deep breaths and repeat your words to yourself.
3. Repeat the following morning and add a few more breaths each day. 
Slow down and listen to your heart. YOU are brave, follow its guidance.

Be well and take care of yourself.
Sending love,
The Crew at Studio Penny Lane

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