Mindful Monday- We Have A Dream

"There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe nor politic nor popular, but he must take it because his conscience tells him it is right."
~Martin Luther King Jr.
Martin Luther King knew that doing what’s right isn’t always easy. In fact, at times, taking action on what feels right can be downright scary. Of course in the quote above, King was talking about standing for equality during the Civil Rights Movement, where people sacrificed their comfort, livelihoods and even their lives for doing what felt right.
The truth is, that no matter the subject, adhering to what feels right in your bones, in spite of the potential consequences, is an act of courage. 
So why bother? Why put yourself at risk? 
Because the potential benefits of doing so are worth it. Being a stand for what matters and living as an advocate for what’s true and right, even if not accepted by the masses, is what creates change. It creates more of the experiences that King fought for; Freedom, Connection and Opportunity.
You’ll never know what difference your stand will make unless you’re willing to take it. 
While there will likely be consequences for standing in your truth, following the intuitive nudges of your heart’s directive is what makes you, YOU. We believe you are important and it's our differences that make life colorful. 
Living life aligned with your heart gives it meaning. It’s gives your life, life. It’s the legacy you leave to those left behind. Your stand may not result in your own holiday or a postage stamp with your face on it, but it will be stamp on the world nonetheless. We stand for YOU!
We Are One
Change your thoughts, Change the world...one penny at a time.

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