Mindful Monday- Stringing Together What's Good

A good life is a collection of happy moments.”
~Denis Waitley
Learning to settle into Gratitude as a state of being in the world, even in moments of discomfort, is a gift that takes practice. 
Logically we know that we have a lot to be grateful for and that more things are working in our lives than not, but our minds nature is generally set to survive. This is why we often find ourselves focusing on what is wrong...this is normal. 
With the awareness of our thoughts and the knowledge that we have a choice, we see that a what's right focus is equally as available to us as what's wrong. From that awareness, the re-mapping of our brain pathways begin to focus on the good.
It can be challenging to begin and to be consistent with a gratitude practice. We get busy, we forget. This is the way of it.
Be kind to yourself. Meet yourself where you're at and start again.
Perhaps you take a few deep breaths in the morning before getting out of bed, think about and name three things you are grateful for.
If you become aware of moments of stress throughout the day, simply take a deep breath and think about something you are grateful for.
Do it again at night when you get back into bed.
Keeping a gratitude journal or jar nearby is always a helpful reminder to practice focusing on gratitude.
As we always say, everytime you see a penny take a moment to acknowledge something you're grateful for.
Before you know it, you will be stringing together more and more moments of gratitude and notice that you've collected a lot more joy during your day.

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