Mindful Monday- Ready for a game changer?

“When you focus on the good, the good gets better.” 
~Abraham Hicks
The day started out with a bang. You're coming down with a cold, can't find your keys and on top of that your amazon package is arriving late. The game is in play. How will you respond?
Without awareness it could be easy to let thoughts of annoyance take hold and turn you into a grumpy bear but what's the good in that? And there you have the game changing question; What is the good in that?
What you look for you find.
Yes, that's right. You can choose to look for things to groan and complain about or you can look for what's good. Either way, a ripple effect of thoughts and feelings will arise from your focus. Which way do you want your experience to go?
Your nose is runny and your sneazing. What's good about that?
Your body is getting the gunk out.
You can't find your keys. What's good about that?
You have a house, a car or whatever those keys go to. Yippee!
Your package is arriving late. What's good about that?
You get to use your genius to figure out how to make life work without it for a little longer (you resourceful little angel).
There is so much good to focus on if you decide to do so.
Change your thoughts. Change the World.  

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