Mindful Monday- Mighty Moments or Poop Soup?

“Every moment is a moment of choice to feel powerless or powerful.”
~Diana Loomans
Right now, in this moment, what is getting your attention? Is it something  worth your time and focus? Is what you’re thinking and talking about creating an experience you want more of or not so much?
You can tell by the way you feel. 
If you’re feeling bad (anxious, stressed, worried), you’re most likely focusing your attention and creative energy on what you don't want or dislike.  You are telling yourself a story, with your words and imagined pictures, of the bad things that will happen if you don’t figure it out, control it, or change it. The it in this situation has all the power. 
In fact, by giving it your focus, you are adding power to it.
Doing this is like making a soup that doesn’t taste so good and then believing that  adding your least favorite ingredients to it will improve the flavor. Continuously eating and adding more poop to an existing poop soup will never turn it into a better pot of soup later.  It will never become a delicious pot of chicken noodle or tomato bisque. All it will do is leave you with a grimace on your face and an uneasy stomach. Similarly, focused worry will never make a situation better. 
So what do you do instead?
Take your power (focus) back and use it to create mightier moments!
Wield your sword of discrimination and cut away thoughts and words that do little to contribute to the life you’d like to experience. Remove your attention from what makes you grimace or stress (as if that will somehow make it better) and promptly sprinkle in thoughts and words that put a smile on your face!
Focus on the things that are working in your life. Focus on things that you love.  Imagine a future where your needs and desires are easily met. You may be suprised with what shows up around you.
Today, create a bowl of Life Soup that you just can't get enough of!

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