Mindful Monday- It's a Power Issue...

“Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass,
it's learning to dance in the rain.”
Being mindful isn’t a passive “kumbaya” practice, simply about feeling peace and love for what is. 
Mindfulness is power. 
Mindfulness is having the freedom of choice about what gets your focus. 
Why does that choice matter? 
Because with over 60,000 thoughts a day coming through your mind, focus can be challenging. And what you focus on affects what you create, how you feel, and your physical health
If what has your focus gives you energy and strength, you will thrive. If what has your focus drains you of life force, you become weak.
Your mind is wired to wander but if it wanders too far or too long in dangerous territory, (self condemning, stressful, or hopeless thoughts), just like a sheep left in a field without a sheppard, your life will suffer. 
If you want a better life, acquire a powerful focus.
How much of your daily focus is adding to your well being? 
How much of your daily focus is on things that really matter to you?
How much of your daily focus is on solutions?
How much of your daily focus is on what’s working in your life?
What is the best place to put your focus right now? 

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