Mindful Monday- It's a curious thing...

“Sometimes when things are falling apart they may actually be
falling into place.”
You might be tempted to resist the present moment or situation because it feels bad but you might want to get curious instead. You see, often, if not always, there is a blessing hidden within the muck. 
If you get curious about the situation that is causing your dismay you might find that it’s actually the best thing that could be happening for a multitude of reasons. 
Are you willing to be curious about what is instead of judgemental?
Ask yourself; 
  • How might this thing that I’m struggling against be a good thing?  
  • What might it be showing or teaching me that I need to know? 
  • How might it be guiding my path in a more aligned direction?
The bottom line is, what you look for you find. Are you looking for things that make you feel bad or things that feel good? You always have a choice.
Change your thoughts. Change the world. 

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