Mindful Monday- Imagination is EVERYTHING!

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”
~Albert Einstein
What are you spending your time imagining?
The good? The bad? The boring?  
Leaving your imagination unattended is like having a baby and then walking away, hoping your kid turns out alright.
By now, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve  heard the saying, “Thoughts become things.” If you truly believed that, what would you spend your time imagining?
  • A low or high bank account balance?
  • Physical pain or a healthy body?
  • Relationship problems or loving fulfilling connections?
  • Struggle and hardship or ease and grace?
If you’re letting your thoughts be dictated by reality, purely by what you see around you or what you have experienced before, your imagination might need a little tune up. 
Moving forward, why not teach your mind what positive experiences you'd like to see more of? Imagine yourself surrounded by the sights, sounds and feelings of your best life. A little mindful direction can go a long way!
Spending even a few minutes each day imagining what you want to create in your life not only makes you feel better in the moment but creates a ripple effect into your future. It summons all the energy in the Universe to support you and that's just plain smart!
Remember. Thoughts become things.
You'll never know what's possible unless you try. 
Change your thoughts. Change your world.

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