Mindful Monday- Fear or Faith?

“Sometimes life takes you in a direction you never saw yourself going...but it turns out to best road you have ever taken."  
~author unknown
In each moment and  every challenging circumstance we find ourselves in, we have a choice to struggle against it or go with the flow. 
When we struggle, we believe thoughts like;
  • This should not be happening,
  • This is bad,
  • I can’t handle it,
  • etc.
We tell ourselves horror stories about all the terrible things that might happen in the future or remember what happened in the past and beat ourselves up for not having done things differently. When we struggle, we frantically search for some plan or resource that will save us from the current moment or our imagined feared outcome.  
Struggle feels heavy, laborious, burdensome, and stressful. Worst of all, struggle does nothing to change what has already happened or what is currently going on in the moment. It does however, deplete our energy and joy. It also adds to our discomfort.
When we choose to go with the flow of the current moment, even if it’s scary, we respond very differently. We become alert, awake. We notice what is, and we notice what isn’t. We become resourceful because our attention is concentrated on the here and now. We think and believe thoughts like;
  • I can handle what happens next.
  • The resources I think I need will show up or else I don't need them.
  • Everything will work out even if it looks different than what I expected.
Going with the flow feels powerful and energizing. We feel relaxed, peaceful and confident to face the next moment.
So why do we often choose struggle over flow?
Most likely it's because we are simply used to playing life that way. Perhaps we have never considered that there is an alternative.
What if life can be trusted? What if everything was happening for us rather than to hurt us?
You have a choice, to live in fear or live in faith. Which will you choose?
If you believed you lived in a Friendly Universe, how would you relate to your life today?

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