Mindful Monday- Are YOU on your To Do List?

“I made a huge To Do list today but
I just can't figure out who's gonna do it.”
What's on your To Do List today?
You were probably taught that to achieve enough money, a good relationship, a great body, etc. you must do certain things; you must take specific steps, in a specific order or you won't hit your desired mark. 
For example:
  • In order to be in good shape you must; go to the gym 2 hours a day, 5 days a week and work out until you’re huffing and puffing, exhausted and in a pool of sweat.
  • In order to find a relationship you must; go out regularly, be thinner, get on-line, get a make-over, be a better cook.
  • In order to build your business you must; have an amazing website, hire an expert at marketing, get better pictures on Instagram and blog regularly.
The problem with this thinking is that it often leaves the most important thing off your to do list...YOU.
If being YOU was top priority, how might your To Do List change?
If you let go of the shoulds, supposed tos, need tos and have tos you were taught would lead you to your desired outcome, and instead paid attention to what you’re called to do, what would make it on your To Do List?  
Are you courageous enough to let intuition be your guide?
Intuitive steps will feel empowering, exciting, meaningful, expansive or challenging in a good way. 
YOUR path has never been paved before.
YOU are the first and only YOU that has ever existed!
Take Frank Sinatra’s advice and do whatever it is YOUR way.

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