Mindful Monday- Are You Approachable or Feedback Phobic?

“If you let fear get in the way of honest communication,
you lose your power to create magic.”

~Susan Campbell -"Getting Real"
Feedback is very important. It's the way we learn. Unfortunately many of us grew up in households where we either got punished in some way for giving honest feedback or the feedback we received was overly critical or harsh. When these old wounds from the past shut down today's feedback loop we lose our ability to deeply connect with the people that matter most in our world and we suffer.
Being able to freely give or receive feedback in our relationships, workplaces or our community is critical to creating amazing outcomes.
For example:
If your employee is afraid to speak up when they notice a problem in the flow of productivity, your ability to take corrective action, that could save your company time and money is lost.
On the other hand, if you hesitate to give feedback to your employees because you don't want to appear too bossy or controlling, the same problem results.
Imagine how a broken feedback loop can effect your relationship with your spouse or your children?  Would you be okay knowing that fear was keeping you from hearing or giving feedback that could make or break the quality of your connections and/ or life?
Refuse to let fear get in the way of honest feedback.
Here are some questions to find out how you are playing in the feedback loop:
  • Do you only get positive feedback? If so, you might have a defensive or shooting the messenger mentality when it comes to receiving negative feedback.
  • Do you only give positive feedback? Why?
  • Do your kids, spouse, co-workers, or friends stand up to you when they think you're wrong or disagree with you?
  • If you get negative feedback do you spiral into critical self talk? Do you instantly doubt yourself? Can it affect your mood for hours or even days?
Giving and receiving honest feedback might not always feel comfortable but if done from a loving place, it will always be worth it.
Have a great week!

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