Mindful Monday- A little Reminder...

“Don't try to change the world.
To find yourself in a new world, change your thoughts.” 
~Debasish Mridha
We all know life is challenging at times.
In those times, a little reminder in the form of a quote or a simple word can be just what we need to transform a negative flow of thoughts into a positive one.
When your thoughts change, your experience changes. You go from feeling sadness to feeling hope, from feeling overwhelmed to feeling peace.
Better feeling thoughts create a ripple effect that can change the trajectory of your day, and perhaps even your life. 
Because remembering that you can change your mind is often the hardest part to doing so, Studio Penny Lane's mission is to create beautiful reminders.
We hope during this holiday season you remember that you are extraordinary, you are not alone, you are stronger than you think, and you are loved.
We are so grateful for you!
#MindfulChange.  Change your thoughts. Change the World. 

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