Mindful Monday- A Challenge Worth Taking

“Gardens are not made by singing "Oh, how beautiful,"
and then sitting in the shade."  
~Rudyard Kipling
Creation is natural. It’s happening all the time. Have you considered what you’re creating right now, with your words, thoughts and deeds?
If you knew without a shadow of a doubt, that what you give your focus to would grow and expand, would you continue to talk about and think about the current thing that has your attention?
The truth is, most people give way more of their time and attention to things that they would rather not see grow in their world than the things they would. They
create their lives by default because they don’t realize the power of their focus.
What about you?
Like the quote above, are you just sitting back and looking at the world passively or are you tending to the garden of your mind? Are you putting care and effort into what you give your attention to?
We believe it’s worth the effort to cultivate a mindset that allows beauty to bloom. What would you like to experience more of? A flourishing relationship? Abundance of resources? Vibrant health? A little practice of mindfulness can go a long way!  
We created this challenge to help your Magical Mind work for you. You will never know the difference your focus can make unless you try.
Here’s the challenge:
  1. Write down today’s date as your Magical Mind Gratitude Challenge starting date. 
  2. Everyday, for 30 days (either before bed or right when you wake up), spend 15 minutes focusing on the good things in your life. Think about and write down what you’re grateful for. 
  3. Do your best to not only think about what you’re grateful for but actually feel the gratitude in your body. Wield your focus, like the magic wand it is and let yourself smile, dance, or relax into your thoughts and words. 
  4. During the day, as often as you can remember, make gratitude your focus. Be sure to include as many of your senses as possible. Purposely look around with the intention of seeing things you’re grateful for; beautiful colors, paved roads, telephones. Listen for things that spark gratitude; a bird chirping, your favorite music, rain pouring down. When you’re talking to people, include gratitude in your conversations. Tell the barista how grateful you are that she makes a killer latte. Tell your partner how grateful you are for that soft, warm bed you slept in last night. Etc.
  5. Set up reminders in as many places as you can to support you. We use the penny but you can try Post it notes, phone alerts, reminder texts with friends, affirmative home decor, etc.
In 30 days, take note of how your life has changed. Has that nagging back pain disappeared? Has your workload lightened? Have you been having more fun? 
We’d love to hear your stories! PLUS, if you do, we will do a drawing April 15th from the emails we receive and send the lucky winner a Studio Penny Lane Gratitude Jar of their choice!
We hope you decide to play! Sending lots of love and gratitude your way!
The Crew at Studio Penny Lane
P.S. Keep a look out this month for little tips and tricks from us to support you with the challenge! xoxo

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