Mindful Change

“Mindful Change is the knowledge that you can change the outcome of a situation, when you are aware you have a choice, the power to choose your thoughts on purpose.”                                                                                             ~Laurie Libman Wilson                                                                          

Our thoughts lead to feelings. 

Feelings lead to action or our response to a situation.  

Our Actions have consequences, both positive and negative.  


Often, our thinking patterns and emotions are unconscious, which leads to unconscious or default thoughts and actions.  When we aren’t aware of what we think, how we feel and how we act, it is easy to fall victim to pre-conditioned thoughts, feelings and actions. 

Being Aware of our feelings empowers us to make choices from a grounded and mindful place, rather than subconscious and habitual. 

By taking a few moments every day to intentionally quiet our minds and focus only on our breath, we begin to train our brains to be witness to our thoughts without judging them, which aids us in navigating our feelings and cultivates Mindful Change in our lives.              This simple practice can change your life...  


Happy Mindful Monday

One Penny, One Child, One Thought at a Time….

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