Mindful Monday- Are you getting the message?

“The world is full of magic things,
patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper."
~WB Yeats

The Magic of Messengers

It’s easy to go through life without giving much thought to the people that cross your path on a daily basis. You interact with the lady at the check out counter, your co-worker, your spouse, a random person on the street and go along with your day. If said person makes you smile or makes you mad, you may give them a bit more of your attention but it often stops there.
What if instead, you engaged with people as if there were more to these meetings than you might think?
What if your encounters with others weren't coincidence or chance but actually timely and purposeful connections to move you towards your hearfelt desires?
How might you play life differently if a person's entrance or exit to your life, words spoken or unspoken, were directly connected to what you need to know, be or do in order to achieve what you want most?
For example:
  • How to make a difference in a particular area?
  • How to get through a specific challenge?
  • Receiving direction that you are highly in need of?
Everyone you encounter can play the role of the messenger if you let them. This doesn’t mean that people will always be consciously answering your questions per say but if you pay attention they can give you new reference points in which to discover yourself and the answers you seek.
For example: 
  • You’re feeling flat in your career and desire to make a move but unsure about the timing. Suddenly your boss lays you off.  Your answer is: It’s time.
  • You’re looking for a good plumber and your manicurists just happens to mention during your appointment that she recently hired an amazing plumber and he was reasonably priced!
  • You’re mulling over a decision and your unrelated conversation with the  man on the train gives you just the clarity you were looking for.
Whether the messenger leaves us feeling wonderful or triggers a more conflicting response, there is always something beneficial for us to see if we are looking for it.  The messenger is not as important as the message they bring.  
We found this list from Intuitive Coach, Misty Jenneiahn that might help raise your awareness of the magic that is around you.  
Wake up call- Sometimes we can be too close to a situation to see it clearly. A wake up call provides an IN YOUR FACE approach at getting our attention
Power check- Designed to show where we are giving our power away / making someone or something else responsible for our happiness or lack thereof?
Encouragement/Confirmation- When we need that extra boost of confidence telling us that we are on the right track, or that we can do it.
Certainty/ Building conviction- Often the more we talk about or discuss something, the clearer we become about our relationship to it. Hearing a messenger talk about the area in question can help us to better inspect our own feelings about it. Whether we agree or disagree with the messenger’s perspective is not important. Both serve to provide clarity. 
Direction - Have you ever casually thought to yourself, “I really need to find a good dentist, carpenter, class, etc?”  Or I really need some information about (fill in the blank) and then “coincidentally” run into someone who just happened to know? 
Showing us our Shadow- Shadow messengers are usually, if not always button pushers. The Shadow refers to any part of ourselves that we think isn’t good; any part that we've made wrong or bad that we need to embrace in order to fully be us. Shadow messengers will often act as mirrors, exhibiting behavior that we "don't like"so we can see the part we’ve disowned. For example: if we judge someone as lazy because they get things they want with little to no effort we may need to reclaim the part of ourself that was punished as a child for "not doing enough to deserve a reward". We may need to embrace the part of ourself that can receive without having to work so darn hard. The parts of ourselves we disown wreak havoc.
Inspiration- Sometimes it takes experiencing someone else’s successful creation to ignite our own desire to create. 
Wishing you a Magical and Mindful Monday! xoxo

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