Living your life in the NOW'S

“Forever is composed of now’s.”

                                           -Emily Dickenson 


Living your life in the NOW. 

Living moment (now) to moment (now) allows you to choose consciously which way you want to step, which thought you want to think, what word you want to say.  Super simple, right?   This simple truth requires active awareness, and perhaps the only way to achieve this is through practice. 

Living your life on purpose.

Simple mindfulness techniques will bring you closer to this truth, and closer to the amazing YOU that YOU are.  The beauty is… this is always accessible to you.  You have an opportunity to begin again, again, and again... with each new moment, simply by reminding yourself to take a long slow deep breath and shift your thoughts, your words, your direction to what you choose.  


A simple tool to start your day. 

1. Before you get out of bed in the morning, close your eyes, take three slow inhales and exhales, open your eyes.

2. Think of something you are Grateful for, focus on it, close your eyes and take three slow inhales and exhales, open your eyes. 

3. Repeat two more times. 


Gift yourself this time, it will start your day on the RIGHT side of the bed ;-).


Enjoy the journey, most importantly enjoy the moment.

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