Less is MORE


“Knowledge is learning something new each day.            Wisdom is letting go of something each day”                                                                                                 Zen proverb


Have you heard that saying...what does it mean to you?


Letting go of something leaves us room for more. It means less space taken up in your mind; making space for something even better to show up.


We tend to crave more...but that's just an old habit.


Less to hold on to and in turn, less to manage leaves us with more to value. By holding on to/doing less, you gain more. It's that simple. Our outer world reflects our inner experience.


When we have less to manage mentally, we feel more fulfilled.

  • Spend the first few moments of your day doing absolutely nothing but focusing on your breathing.
  • Simplify a space for yourself by letting go of something you can’t control and see how it feels.
  • Can you take one item off your to do list today? Two?

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