How's Your Heart?

“Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your relax.” -Bryan Mcgill

 Hey there. We’re thinking of you.

 How’s your heart?     

Be still with it for a few deep breaths.


It’s been a heavy several months…With so much angst and uncertainty swirling around,  our hearts need a tending to, too.


We are here with you, friend. Always and in all ways.  Even when it feels like you just can’t win...

You are heard. You are seen. You are loved.         

We are in this together.

 For us, wearing our symbol as a reminder helps us cope through tough times. It might not seem so simple, but it really is true:  Love is always here for you.

By nourishing ourselves with gratitude and presence, it helps to set our hearts free from the weight of the world.

Every time you see a penny….          

Take a moment and acknowledge something or someone you are Grateful for.  And in those challenging moments, know that we are so Grateful for YOU!

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