Frame of Mind

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."
--Max Planck

Our life experience is about perspective.

You can change something simply by altering the angle in which you see it.

We are all conditioned to see with our predetermined perspectives. These views come from childhood, previous experiences, present feelings...and so on. Past and current conditioning act as a biased filter to your eyes, ears, and mindset. Some days it might feel as if there is fogginess or a narrow view, other days you might see with a broad spectrum of vision.

With a daily practice of mindfulness, you can change the view to feel from another persons experience, widen a narrow perspective, or simply cleanse your filter to see and hear a bit clearer.

Through mindful moments you choose what and how you see people, places, and circumstances.

When you wake in the morning, start with a few deep breaths and think about the Frame of Mind you choose to focus on. This is will determine, how you feel and how you will see the world today and everyday.

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