Fill Up Your Cup

Hey, you. 

We are here to check-in. 


How are ya? We are thinking about you. 

How's your heart? How about your head? 


Are you in need of a refill


With so much time spent on devices that need charging, it's easy to forget that we too need caring for. 


We must care for our beloved bodies like the vehicles that they are. 

Every machine we've ever used needs maintenance, fuel, and restful time to reset...and so do YOU.


Some days it might look like going to bed early, or waking up late. 

Another day it might be committing to an online yoga class, or skipping it to go for a walk in the fresh air. The next day, maybe cleaning out your garage or sending a love note to a friend fills you up. Cooking your favorite meal, laughing at a sitcom, or taking time to meditate and nourish your mind--whatever works for YOU

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