Fast Forward


"You may want to press the fast-forward button through your pain, but in doing so you would miss out on important learning."

                                                                         -Madison Taylor

 Today we are facing tough times. Things are constantly changing; however, we are not yet sure of the certainties we crave, the normalcies we miss, or the safety and wellbeing of our loved ones.

 When we are in a place that doesn't feel content, it is easy to project ourselves into the future "when, if, and it can be's".

 Dreaming and goal setting is one thing, but seeking to fast forward your life is another.

 Escaping from the present moment provides a temporary sense of relief, yet it leaves an aftertaste of anxiety and dissatisfaction.

 What we experience is here to teach and grow us. It might be annoying at the moment, but can you think back to any challenge in your life that you did not learn from?

Take time to mindfully witness the experiences that make you want to press fast-forward and ask yourself:

 "What is this here to teach me?"

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