Mindful Monday-Don't Wait. Celebrate.

“Large things are made up of many small things.
It's the little things that are vital because they make the big things happen."

Don't Wait. Celebrate.

Today, this very moment, is worth celebrating. 
It’s easy to rush through the small moments of our lives without really taking them in fully, without embodying the vibe of what we are experiencing. 
Right now there is cause for celebration if you slow down, look for it, take it in. 
Celebrate as often as possible and celebrate all that can possibly be celebrated. 
Celebrate the moment even if you’re not sure what the future holds.
Celebrate the hug.
Celebrate the words spoken.
Celebrate the time spent.
Celebrate the memory. 
Celebrate the movement forward, even if you haven’t yet “arrived”.
Celebrate the unknown even if it’s scary.
Celebrate your desires even if you have doubt that you’ll get them.
Celebrating means savoring. It means feeling that smile across your face as you let the delight wash over you. It means engaging in a woohoo and a little jump for joy whether you believe the moment is worthy or not. I promise you it is.
Celebrate. It's time.
What can you celebrate in this moment? Please share.

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