Changing the Tides

“Faith is believing in the unseen order of things” 



The Changing Tides


Are you ready for a change?


Together, we look ahead towards a new beginning, 

and the inevitable changes to come, we are met with conflict 

and uncertainty still as life unfolds towards 2020's close. 


During times of chaos, we want to plan and prepare 

to be on top of everything...

yet we cannot control the winds of change. 


So, we invite you to take everything as it comes, 

presently and patiently, with the knowing that 

you are doing exactly what you need to be doing.


Just as the tides of the ocean, we must always be prepared 

to ebb with the inevitable flows. 


We promise, when you practice presence, 

everything finds a way to work itself out, 

with a little mindful practice, 

you will discover you can float. 

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