Mindful Monday- Do you feel bad? Read this.

“To offer no resistance to life is to be in a state of ease, grace and lightness”
~Eckhart Tolle
How do you feel right now? Is there is any sign of emotional or mental tension?  
If so, you are probably in a state of resistance. 
  • Resistance to what happened yesterday
  • Resistance to what is happening now
  • Resistance to an imagined future
Resistance is the greatest thief of present moment awareness AND good feelings.
While your mind is off trying to “figure it out”so that you can  feel safe and in control, life is passing you by. When your mind is lost in judgement, believing that something should be different than it is...you are suffering. 
The key is surrender. 
But how do you surrender and let go of the need to control when it feels like your well being depends on it?
It boils down to this, you either believe that life has your back or you don’t. 
Albert Einstein said the most important question you could ever ask yourself is,
“Do I live in a friendly Universe?”
Why? Because depending on how you answer determines how you perceive everything that happens in your life (and therefore how you feel).
If you believe life is happening for you then there is no reason to resist it. 
So, “What do you have to lose by operating from this belief system?”
Here’s a list a pros and cons:
Potential consequences
1.     You could be labeled a Polly Anna, unrealistic, or a naive wishful thinker… a fool.
2.     You could be wrong.
Potential Benefits
1.      Relief from anger, worry and fear.
2.      No longer having to control every aspect of your life.
3.      More fun, enjoyment, and relaxation.
4.      Possibly better results than your mind has imagined
5.      You might be right
Being that things you don't plan or have any control over happen regardless, choosing to view those occurrences as good things, doesn’t change the thing per say, but it definitely changes your experience. Isn’t an enjoyable life experience what you really want anyways?  
Hope this helps to make it a good feeling week!

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