True Love Isn't Just For Fairytales

"If you're searching for that one person or who will change your life,
take a look in the mirror."
Can True Love Be Your Happily Ever After?
We spend most of our waking moments doing things (working hard, exercising, beauty regimens, saving money, etc.) that we hope will give us a better life. We hope that by accomplishing things out there, landing a spouse, financial security,  the perfect body, we will finally feel the way we long to feel...joyful, fulfilled, peaceful, relaxed, loved, etc.
  • If I meet a guy I will  feel complete.
  • If I land that job I will feel sucessful.
  • If I lose those 10 pounds I'll feel pretty.
Unfortunately, attempting to create a great life experience by  improving the circumstances out there without tending to what’s happening inside (self talk, non supportive beliefs, feelings, etc.) is like rearranging the furniture in a burning building.
Because it's our focus/ perception that creates good feelings or bad feelings...not the circumstance.
Don't believe me?
Have you ever had lots of money in the bank but then became stressed about losing it?
What about hitting your ideal weight but all of a sudden you notice a new wrinkle, sun spot or sag that needs fixing?
Our thoughts and behaviors must align with our desires if we want to feel good.
  • If you want to feel pretty you can't focus on all your “flaws”. 
  • If you want to feel free you can't say yes when a no feels more intuitive.
  • If you want to feel successful  you can't constantly criticize yourself.
  • If you want to feel important you can't suppress your own truth.
Give yourself some love today!
  1. Every time you feel less than good, immediately stop what you're doing.
  2. Ask yourself ,"What's going on? What thought, word, or deed triggered my off-ness?"
  3. Imagine if your perfect partner or "Soulmate" was with you, how would they respond to you in your present state?
  4. When you imagine the response how do you feel? Appeased? Ignored? Blown off? Heard? Loved? Understood?
  5. When you get to the response that actually makes you feel good. Give it to yourself. Take it in. If it was a kind statement, say it aloud while looking in the mirror. If it was an embrace give yourself a big bear hug.
  6. Repeat everytime you feel less than good.
Hope you have an amazing week full of the good stuff!
Don’t you owe it to yourself to spend more time on the one thing that can make life consistently sweeter?

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