My Magical Mind Tool Kit

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My Magical Mind is a tool to help settle an over-active mind. 

It teaches us to develop our "Pause" button and to have positive thoughts on purpose. 

The Pause helps to access intuition and stimulate relaxation, both critical ingredients for cultivating a life path that is alignment with our deepest needs and desires. 

Intentional Change is a practice. The beauty of this practice is to discover the Magic that lives inside of you and to know you can access it anytime. 

This interactive tool is used by focusing on an intention while pouring in your glitter and penny, then add water. The jar represents your mind, the glitter your thoughts. When shaken up its all your thoughts swirling around in the jar and as they settle, so does your mind. 

A great gift for humans of any age who need to learn to quite their mind .

Back reads: Every time you see a penny take a moment to breathe and be grateful for the Extraordinary that lies within you