Penny Love Letter

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  1. Fill in the recipients name and address in the box above. This is how we will know where to send it. We mail via First Class (old school) letter.
  2. Choose whether you want gold plated or leather chain
  3. At check out enter YOUR address
  4. We do the rest. ;-)

Every movement starts with one step. 

Passing a Penny Love Letter like this along to someone special in your life, creates another link in a chain of connection that we hope will span the globe.

Join the #WeAreOne movement by sending a Penny Love Letter to someone or someones you're Grateful for.  

In these times of uncertainty, not knowing how the weeks are going to unfold, we may feel overwhelmed, powerless or isolated. However, what is certain is this moment and our connection to one another. We have the ability to pull together, even stronger, in the midst of the most trying times.

One positive thought, word or deed can turn a day around, or even a life.  Spreading good will and well-being becomes our responsibility as fellow human beings. 

Let someone know how much they matter and how incredibly special they are. 

A Penny Love Letter includes:

  1. A heartfelt note and We Are One poem (see below),letting your loved one know they are in your thoughts.
  2. Our We Are One Petite Penny Necklace, a token of gratitude, love and connection.
  3. Created and packaged with lots of love from the giver and Studio Penny Lane.

Simply let us know who you want to send it to and we do the rest!

We have made it easy for anyone to send regardless of finances or mobility
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We Are One Poem

When you look at this penny please let it convey

How grateful I am for your life on this day!

The bond that connects us can never be broken;

Support, strength and love are contained in this token.

Whether life is all glitter or if things come undone,

You’re never alone because #WeAreOne


We don't want finances to be a reason to keep someone from participating. Please email us to request a FREE necklace if you need help. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Those that can pay make it possible for us to send for those who cannot. 

Penny Love Letter
Penny Love Letter
Penny Love Letter
Penny Love Letter

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